Our Firm

What Makes Us Different

Simmons Asset Management is proud to deliver a first class institutional impression with a small town company mindset that excels in service to build, maintain and strengthen relationships. It is our feeling that we take into consideration the most important factors of what investors want; excellence and superior service.

Our firm has the expertise, experience and credibility to offer clients investment solutions that only big label institutions and money managers provide. We have a solid, successful background in managing assets and maintain full faith and confidence to secure and grow wealth in the most professional manner possible. 


Furthermore, we are dedicated to the absolute satisfaction of our clients and we work endlessly to achieve it. We focus on our clients’ needs and expectations and we strive not only to accomplish total gratification but to exceed it. This is something, we feel, that has been lost in today’s high paced world. It is our belief this is a traditional small town mindset that we provide.

Simmons Asset Management stands apart in that we combine the two and offer a package unparalleled in the industry. From the superior investment solutions with all the bells, whistles and convenience down to the mentality that our clients do and always will come first, we are different and successful because of this mentality.

We want our clients to achieve true wealth; or as we define it complete results in both financial security and total holistic happiness. We can offer everything a larger institution can but with a more personal, distinctive touch.