Our Philosophy

Asset Allocation

Studies have shown that approximately 90% of the variation in returns among investment portfolios is attributable to asset allocation, while the remaining 10% is attributable to security selection (Source: Brinson, Beebower & Singer, 1991, Financial Analyst Journal, Reaffirmed 2003, Ryan Labs, Inc.). Yet the vast majority of resources in the professional investment industry are committed to the 10% of factors that matter least to long-term returns. 

Simmons Asset Management differentiates itself by focusing its attention on the factor that matters most for investors-asset allocation.

We are committed to discovering and applying the most innovative ideas on the topics of asset allocation and portfolio optimization for the benefits of clients.

We quickly adapt to changing markets. The markets are in a constant state of flux, yet traditional buy and hold strategies are static. We replace this conventional way of investing with a modern, agile approach.

Our dynamic asset allocation strategy is responsive to the ever-changing financial landscape. We nimbly adjust our asset allocation to capture the up cycles while avoiding long periods of underperformance and loss.

We have the freedom and flexibility to invest wherever we see opportunities-across all styles, capitalizations, and sectors. Due to the firm’s independence and size, we have the dexterity to respond to market changes and rapidly alter course, if and when needed.