Our Philosophy

Planning Process and Servicing

Our client’s accounts combine efficient financial planning, sound investment strategy, and comprehensive reporting of portfolio results to deliver the following benefits to client: complete transparency, comprehensive record keeping, financial planning and strategic implementation, complete trust and complete customization. Every healthy advisor-client relationship begins with trust. At Simmons Asset Management, we have experience working with clients and we understand that we must execute three responsibilities to earn and maintain our client’s trust:

  1. Understand the unique investment objectives and risk constraints of every client portfolio
  2. Execute an investment strategy appropriate for those objectives and constraints
  3. Measure and report on the results

Simmons Asset Management provides structure for the financial assets of individual and institutional investors. The process begins with an efficient plan that documents the investment objectives and risk constraints for the portfolios we manage. The outcome of our planning process dictates which investment strategy offers the tightest match with the investment goals and risk tolerance of each individual.

We measure and report the performance history of our investment strategies in ways that produce informed judgments about the return expectations and risk parameters of the portfolio strategies we offer.

The entire investment process – Planning-Strategy-Results-is documented in writing for our clients on an ongoing basis. The documentation we provide serves a dual role as a roadmap for achieving long-term investment objectives, and as an outline for the periodic reviews that occur after the initial strategy is set into motion.